An the winners are...

1. FIRST PLACE - Year 2080 (Ampholytic Remix) by Jonas Månsson.

2. SECOND PLACE - Year 2080 (Chinese Theatre Remix) by Krister Pettersson.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, it's been an interesting experience! / Burikusu!!!

Burikusu!!! 2080 remix contest

Vember Audio in conjunction with 23db Records are happy to announce the Burikusu!!! Remix Contest. To help introduce the world to the genre-busting electronic sound of Sweden's Burikusu!!!, the band has uploaded the submix stems for their song Year 2080 for you to cut-up, remix, and smash to bits! All entries will be reviewed and judged by the band themselves, with prizes going to the top two contestants:

1. FIRST PLACE PRIZE - A free copy of Vember Audio's critically acclaimed Surge softsynth, a signed copy of the Burikusu!!! debut album 2080, and free copies of the entire 23db Records catalog!

2. SECOND PLACE PRIZE - Free copies of the entire 23db catalog, including releases by SD6, Lost Signal, Nerve Filter, and Burikusu!!!

Now for those pesky rules.

All submissions should be in MP3 format at 320kps and should be sent to:

Deadline for all submissions is November 5th, 2008. Winners will be announced November 7th, 2008. The rights to stems and all remixes belong to Burikusu!!! and 23db Records. (Don't worry, we're not going to sell your remixes and make money off them, this is just to protect the band from unauthorized parties trying to commercially release their remixes. Remixes are a derivative of the original track, and thus remain under copyright protection.). By entering this contest, you are giving permission for 23db Records and Burikusu!!! to share your remix with the rest of the world as a free download. All decisions are final.

You can hear the original version of Year 2080 at

Now get to remixing and show us what you've got!

Remix-kit Download

The following file contain the submix stems in MP3 format. A set for Ableton Live 7 is also included.

Year 2080 remix-kit (28 MB)